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The StayStrongMvmt is a collaborative community. It's a place for people to connect through shared experiences, discussions, questions, advice, testimonies, and creative projects.


We encourage people to share their unique talents and skills to create inspiring and empowering works together, that can help uplift and inspire the world.

​In the StayStrongMvmt community, we strive to become our BEST SELVES, be the CHANGE we want to see, and live life at our FULLEST POTENTIAL. From the Soul, for the Soul.

This is a judgement free space. Everyone is welcome. Come as you are. We believe in LOVE and finding the spark that connects us all in this shared human experience.


As life surely has its challenges, this is a place to find support and rise together, STRONGER no matter what we face.

Whether you are a consumer of art or a creator, you are welcome. Come HERE to find Hope, Inspiration, a Positive message and Creative Expression. 


​ Shine Bright. Shine Strong. LOVE IS ALL.




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